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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Certified Hypnotherapist.
WELCOME! I’m so happy that you’re here. Chances are that if you've found this page, there is a part of you that’s desiring a REAL change in your life. 

Maybe you’ve been operating in the same cycle, doing the SAME things over and over again expecting a DIFFERENT result. 

Or maybe you have already been addressing issues, but feel that you just haven’t been able to get down to the ROOT of the problem.
This can leave us feeling disappointed and hopeless that things can change. 

Although you might be feeling overwhelmed, there is HOPE.


By taking the steps to heal and seeking therapy,  life can become an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

It’s time to STOP feeling
Depressed, Lonely, Misunderstood  

And START feeling
Fulfilled, Aware, Content, Empowered 

Change is Possible and YOU ARE WORTHY of it.


Welcome to Conscious Transformations

Mental health therapy to heal and transform the mind. 

Holistic mental health therapy for those seeking to consciously transform their lives. 

Mental Health Therapy in Florida

I am a Soul Centered Therapist who works
to help resolve issues that have kept you from living the deeply fulfilling life that you are so DESERVING of.

I use a variety of holistic approaches including: 



and guided imagery

to help you deepen the mind body connection and so you can experience true EMPOWERMENT in your life. 


Holistic mental health therapy means not only addressing the mind, but also incorporating heart centered work in order to bring you into full alignment with 



and Soul


What People Say

"I refer a lot of my patients to Samara. They have all come back and reported that she was kind, compassionate, and helped them to set goals and to stick to them. She is extremely professional but still down to earth. I feel very comfortable to continue sending people to her. A real gem! "

Dr. Audrey LaNoce

"Samara is one of those rare clinicians who is caring, intelligent, gifted, humorous, kind, and uses every tool at her disposal in the service of change for her clients. I worked closely with her for some time, and observed her gifts firsthand. I can't recommend her highly enough. If you're looking for real change, she's your therapist. "

Mark Jacobson, LMFT

" Samara is the best therapist around and an asset to the South Florida psychologist community. She will always listen attentively to your concerns and craft a plan based around your own personal wants and needs. Meeting Samara has improved my life drastically and I am thankful to have such a caring and professional individual to help me through life. "

Former Client 

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