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Trauma Therapy

Trauma is any unresolved emotion from the past that has not been processed and keeps us “stuck”.  This could be unresolved grief, anger, sadness, fear that we have pushed deep down because at the time we experienced the situation, it was too overwhelming to deal with. Liberate yourself from the chains of the past, and begin the process of healing today. 

Trauma Therapy in Fort Lauderdale

Trauma seems to be one of those words that’s so overused in our culture, that we all will say we know what it is, however don’t really know how to describe it. We know there are people that suffer from it, maybe veterans or abuse survivors come to mind, but can’t really fathom that we ourselves could suffer trauma.


The reality is, almost everyone in the world has suffered some form of trauma in their lives. Yes, basically everyone. The thing is, most of us don’t get treatment for it and because of the resiliency of our human condition, we just find ways to survive the world.


These unresolved situations and feelings however just stay stuck in our body, and once it builds up, can begin to affect our mind body and spirit.

"True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero and leader." 

Yung Pueblo

My Approach

Signs that you could benefit from Trauma Focused Therapy

  • Intrusive thoughts or flashbacks of past situations or memories

  • difficulty sleeping due to nightmares of traumatic memories

  • Feeling numb or disconnected from the world

  • Substance use or addiction to self medicate negative emotions tied to past trauma

  • Feeling “on edge” and irritable, constantly in hypervigilant mode

  • Difficulty recalling the traumatic experience or feeling as though “blocks of time” are missing.

  • Having physical reactions to any recollection of the event ( heart racing, face flushing, sweaty palms)

How I can help :

Trauma is staying stuck in that fight or flight even in situations that are not dangerous. Since the brain is trying to keep us safe, it starts to mark anything that could potentially or remotely feeling even close to the unresolved event as a danger. It’s as if  the brain is tagging everything with a red danger tag, even when it really isn’t dangerous. So you can see how this can begin to cause issues in your day to day life. Everything becomes a trigger to go into a state of shock. The nervous system is over stimulated and it makes it impossible to relax and be in the body.

As you can imagine, this is not a harmonious way to live. People in constant states of shock are often extremely anxious, have a difficult time staying in the moment, and can feel very unsafe in their bodies and in the world.

Educating yourself is the first step, so just being on this page informing yourself of what’s going on inside of your body is progress. Second step, is to reach out and get some guidance from a professional to help you with the process of releasing shock, to begin processing your emotions and healing your heart.

I use a variety of interventions to help you do this, including hypnotherapy, TIR, EFT Tapping, and strengthening the mind/body connection. We got at your pace, and take our time to approach your healing with compassion and care.

What to expect from Trauma Focused Therapy

The first step would be to reach out at (954) 488-2933 ext. 7. I offer a 15 minute consultation in which we can talk about what you’d like to work on and determine if we are a good fit for each other. You will then come in for your initial session, in which we discuss our plan of action, commonly known as a treatment plan, and develop goals to achieve in our time together. I believe in a collaborative approach, and we will work closely together as your treatment goes on in order to review our progress and determine when you have reached your treatment goals.

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