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Individual Therapy

Self-care is essential in our ability to show up as our best selves in every avenue of life. Just as we take the time to take care of our physical body, taking care of our mental health is just as important. Therapy is a healthy habit that allows the opportunity to deepen the relationship with self, resolve emotional issues, and meet the goals you’ve always dreamt of achieving.

How Individual Therapy Works: 

Reasons to come to therapy can range from a desire to heal unresolved trauma to goal setting and self-development. There is no “cookie cutter” approach to the process, and everyone’s treatment plan is tailored to their specific needs. My approach is: 

Holistic- I believe that the need for alignment with mind,body and spirit is integral to making long lasting change. Many people “cognitively” know what they need to do or are very much aware of their unhealthy patterns, however, have not been able to internalize that change into the heart. Through the process, the knowing (mind) will become the belief (heart),  so that you can begin to develop and practice new patterns of being.  I also work to help develop the mind/body connection through the process of mindful breathing, meditation, and hypnotherapy. 

Collaborative- We work together through the whole therapeutic process. I will regularly check in with you through our time as to how you feel you are progressing in you treatment. I make sure to include this as part of our process in order to review what is working and what is not working. This is your time, and it is important that you feel that you are benefitting from the process and feel empowered to direct your therapeutic path.

Strength Based/ Solution Focused - My job is to act as a guide and assist you in finding the strengths and resources that already exist within you. There is a term called Self Efficacy, which is the belief of one’s own capacity to succeed. Through our process, you will strengthen your self-efficacy and become aware of your own subconscious barriers in order to create real healing in your life. I often tell my clients that the ultimate goal is for you to eventually become your own therapist, trusting your internal knowing and feeling confident in your ability to direct your life in a healthy way.

Most clients will eventually reach a point of resolution, where they feel they have accomplished their goal in treatment. At that time, we can choose to begin to start the discharge process or decrease the amount of sessions to monthly check in if needed.

"When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary."

Fred Rogers

My Approach

The Benefits of Individual Therapy

  • Learn coping tools to manage and regulate negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, anger and guilt/shame.

  • Increase self-awareness and develop stronger self-esteem

  • Develop healthier communication skills in interpersonal relationships

  • Feel a sense of progression in life through self development and move out of that "stuck" feeling

  • Identify your needs and learn how to express them in a healthy assertive fashion

  • Begin to establish and assert healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Move out of the victim energy and into self-empowerment, taking full responsibility for your life

  • Find a sense of purpose and meaning in life

  • Set and achieve concrete and measurable goals

What To Expect from Individual Therapy

The first step would be to reach out at (954) 488-2933 ext. 7. I offer a 15 minute consultation in which we can talk about what you’d like to work on and determine if we are a good fit for each other. You will then come in for your initial session, in which we discuss our plan of action, commonly known as a treatment plan, and develop goals to achieve in our time together. I believe in a collaborative approach, and we will work closely together as your treatment goes on in order to review our progress and determine when you have reached your treatment goals.

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